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Building tips

As AFOLs build trucks, techniques get developped and shown to the community. Copyrights don’t exist for "inventing" a building technique, because anyone could have "discovered" it, but there exist some kind of Credits :

If you reproduce an assembly that was first used by a known AFOL, it is nice to give credits to his buildings and cite him.

This section is divided into 2 sections : Parts and Techniques.

The Parts articles describe parts you could use for your trucks. Especially, it contains a description of the wheels and motors available for your trucks. These articles could contain tips and recommendations about the use or not of a part in a Trial Truck.

The Techniques articles tend to present usefull parts arrangements. For example, the use of a portal axle setup, or turntables as a pivot point for your axle.

Don’t forget that as a member, you can enrich/modify these articles.

  • Should you want to add any piece of information, simply create a new article in the private area.
  • Should you want to modify an artice, ask the author of the article. He will enable you to modify the article and both your names will be known as this article’s authors.