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Torsion on Axle

13 May 2010, 23:14, by HUN_Lac

Probably I’m not too up-to-date with the newest lego parts, but as far as i know, 12l and 32l are the longest.

On Brickshelf, I’ve already seen axles that looked like a screw, but I never knew how they did it in a normal vehicle. The only way I can imagine it’s possible, is that they built a heavy hauler, throwing 20kg on the hauler to get enough grip, and then towed sg very-very big...

Could you post (link) some pictures, about that SUV, and it’s broken axles? What motor(s) and gear ratio did you use?

2l axles - with joiners are the best solution, cause the torque is the same whether it’s a 12l axle or 6*2l axles. If the torque is constant, than the torsion angle depends on the "strength" of the axle. The bigger the axle’s diameter the lower the torsion angle. Axle joiner is sg like a diameter increaser:).