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"New" Rules

Friday 4 December 2009

Obviously, the rules original rules have been outdated by the introduction of RC motors and PFS motors. Besides, the challenge consists in building AWD Trucks at different scales, that is to say, with different wheels.

With the new IR components (and the RC receiver), batteries can be taken on board, making the truck heavier and requiering more power. This is where the new PFS motors for example are usefull.

Last, but not least, the "classic" 9V motors are getting old and are not produced anymore. They become expensive on ebay and often when you buy one, it works only half its initial capacity. Going on newly produced motors is a necessity.

As you can see, these reasons make the original rules kinda obsolete. In replacement, there are no official new rules, to my knowledge. But still, some constraints subsist:

The truck:
- Must look like a real truck
- Excluding the wheels the max width is 24 studs. Including wheels the max width is 25 studs
- All wheel driven
- Must be able to steer

What features are required:
- Real cabin with steering wheel, seats and dashboard
- Working piston engine

Motors you may use:
- You may use a maximum of two motors for propulsion. You are free to use other motors for other functions, for example steering.

Not allowed is:
- Modified parts
- Non-Lego parts (except for rope)

Please be aware that these are no official rules. Besides, I do not know if edited a more recent list of rules for Truck Trial.