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Saturday 21 November 2009, by Clement

Originally, Trial Trucks were designed with the largest wheels available at that time : 81.6 in diameter.
With time passing, and technology improving, it has become possible to build trucks at different scales (mostly smaller scales).

Still, large wheels are the most used kind of wheels now because they allow the
construction of large and powerfull vehicles able to go almost anywhere.

Note : should you have built a truck with other wheels that those listed here, please
send via the private area a personnal message to the admin so that he can modify this page.

Power Puller

Lime Tire

81.6 x 38 R

24 x 43

81.6 x 34 ZR

81.6 x 34

81.6 x 15

62.4 x 20

20 x 30

56 x 30

56 x 26