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Sunday 20 November 2011, by 1nxtmonster

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Technical data

Scale (wheels used)
Width 19 studs
Total Weight 1270 grams
Transmission 4x4
Motorization 1 motor(s) - PFS XL

working fake motor
Steering motor

without steering wheel
Onboard Battery Box PFS

My 7th and best trial truck. This truck uses many parts from the 8110 to achieve realistic suspension. The chassis is very good, and the bodywork is lightweight. The total weight is 1270 grams, but the drivetrain is very powerful. The axels are very strong, thanks to the portal axle pieces from the 8110.

JPEG - 113.1 kb

JPEG - 98.6 kb

The hood opens to reveal an inline 4 motor, that is not powered.

JPEG - 81.1 kb

The battery box and drive motor are positioned in the centermost lowest spot, and has excellent stability.

JPEG - 129 kb

And here is thee video:

View online : Brickshelf