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HD 2500

Thursday 9 September 2010, by thirdwig

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Technical data

Scale (wheels used)
Width 24 studs
Total Weight 1000 grams
Transmission 4x4
Motorization 1 motor(s) - PFS XL

working fake motor
Steering motor

with steering wheel
Onboard Battery Box PFS
JPEG - 176.9 kb

This is now my fourth Truck Trial vehicle. It takes a number of different aspects of the design process that I have learned in my previous trucks. I decided to build with function in mind, rather than the form of a truck. Because of this, the truck was not styled after any truck, but was created in such a way to make the truck work well. In the end looked a little like a GMC Baja truck, so thats what I called it.

The truck did well with its stability. I used the axles from my Unimog U5000 which were stable, and had the appropriate gearing. I linked the two axles together through gears on the turntables so the pendular suspension would work together front and rear to keep all the wheels on the ground. This proved to be very effective to keep the wheels on the ground. In addition, I had no problem with suspension tipping that I had on the Unimog U5000.

JPEG - 377.7 kb

Traction was a little bit of a challenge, as the weight of the vehicle was very low. Because the battery box was in the back, stability was great, but front traction was lacking. With a little lower gearing or more weight in the front, the truck would have done much better off road, particularly in soft ground. Still, compaired to my previous trucks, this one have the best stability, turning radius, and drivability.

The truck was powered by one PF XL geared 5:1, and one PF M for steering. Portal Axles, with pendular suspension, linked together with axles. There was not no fake motor. and the Truck was not built to style any truck.

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