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Trial truck tips

Tips from my experiences

Thursday 16 September 2010, by Zblj

First tip: Speed

So I decided to check if speed of the truck does affeect its climbing abilites. In order to do so, the small 4x4 model was placed ona tilted plank and its speed was regulated. When the model was unpowered, it slipped down with a certain speed. In order to climb up, the speed on wheels had to be larger of its slipping speed. Here is a picture explaining that:

And a very short video:

Second tip: Wheels

I tested a wide variety of wheels, for traction and thread.

Third tip: Chassis and suspension

Is a higher wheel number really better? What kind of suepsnion is the best suited for offraoding?

Tip number four: Powering steered axles

Description if various ways to power steered axles and other steering details.

Tip 5: Motors and gears

This tip describes which motors are more suited for offroaders, and how to properly brace gears.

Tip 6: Weight distribrution and proportions

How do the actual truck dimesnions affect its abilityes offroad?

Tip 7: driving and preventing tyre slippage

This last tip is about driving over obstacles and how to prevent the rims from spinning inside tyres.

I hope these tips were helpfull!

Forum posts

  • I am agree with all terms but be aware that grip and sliding are different. When the wheel grip, the grip-force power the vehicule and help him to climb. When the wheel slid, the grip force power the vehicule but this grip force is lower than in first case. Also, grip force depends of tyres and linear speed of point of contact. Therefore, your experiment is right but only on smooth surface.

    • I think it works similar at off-road, so this experiment also have sense. During rough terrain wheels may slip-spin significantly, even if you go slow; and when the grip is lost, then the faster wheel spinning might help the same.

      Another advantage is, that if the truck goes faster, then it gets over easier on a slippery terrain with the help of it’s impulse.