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Mini 8x8 tatra


Friday 25 June 2010, by Zblj

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Technical data

Scale (wheels used)
Width 16 studs
Total Weight 500 grams
Transmission 8x8x4
Motorization 2 motor(s) - PFS M

working fake motor
Steering motor

with steering wheel
Onboard Battery Box Classic (small) Battery Box

This is a very small 8x8 trial truck. In order to make it this small I ditched normal steering and used skid steering instead.

It has independent suspension ona all wheels. I used rubber 1x2 beams for spring action, which works great, but the mass must be low.

Drivelink uses 1:6 gearing from 2M motors:

Rear can be loaded with anything up to 200 grams

Suspension travel:

Download LDD instructions HERE


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