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Elimenating drive torque on suspension

Fixing the motor making suspension tilt effect

Monday 21 June 2010, by Zblj

So you are driving your truck uphill when suddently the whole body starts to lean one way causing the truck to start skidding, or even flipping. This is caused by the motor torque, twisting the suspension. This effect can be reduced or even removed. First thing to do is to make sure, that all the gearing is inside the axles. This way the relative low torque of the motor doesnt affect the suspension. Another thing to do is to redesign the drivelink. You can use gears to propell axle directly with no 90 degree gearboxes and making the axle’s pivot point where the gears mesh, like this:

Another way to drastically reduce, or even eliminate this affect is to use two contra rotating driveshafts:

These techniques will allow you to make suspesnion softer, therebye making your truck more flexible and stable.

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