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LugPol Truck Trial Rules

TrTr in Poland

Friday 4 December 2009, by smyk

1. General Rules

1.1 The competition

During the Lego Truck Trial competitions participants watch as the trucks move along the stage. The goal is to check the drivers’ skills and the vehicles’ manouverability on the stage with numerous obstacles. The competition regulations specify the details.

1.2 Competitors

People of age between 3 and 99 are allowed to participate in the competitions. The team may consist of 2 people. The truck must be designed by the competitors.

1.3 Application

To apply for the competition please inform the host. Make sure to follow the determined competition procedure.

Competitor is obliged to supply the host with nickname and required vehicle specifications. These information will be validated with the original truck specification. Successful verification allows to proceed to the competition.

1.3.1 Required vehicle specifications

- make of a truck and model name
- dimensions
- wheel track and axle base
- weight of the truck
- motive motors (catalog number and quantity)
- steering motors (catalog number and quantity)
- winch motors
- truck blueprints, photos, schemes. The delivered information must allow the comparison with the original truck

1.4 Vehicle limit

Each team may use only one vehicle during the competition.

1.5 Referees

During the competitions there will be from 1 up to 3 (max) referees that are not connected with any of the team. In case of no referee the host becomes one. He also lays obligation to impartiality. The referee starts the trucks, notes the stage pass. He also has the right to change his decision if - in his opinion - the decision was incommensurable to the situation that occured during the stage pass.

1.6 Starting grid

The referee prepares the starting grid before the commence of the competition.
The first team should be ready to start right after announcement of the starting grid. The next team may not start the pass unless the previous team has completed the stage. If any team reports technical problems before the start, team may ask for changing the starting position. Then next team must be ready with it’s truck.
The decision about not starting must be reported to the referee and to the following team.

2. Competition events

2.1 Modifier

The modifier is calculated:
(weight of the truck [g])/(sum of all motors’ power for 9V)
The trucks are weighted right before the competition

  • 2838/0,9W
  • 71427/0,58W
  • 43362/0,51W
  • 5292(RC)/2,38W
  • 47 154/0,74W
  • NXT/2,03W
  • PF Medium/1,04W
  • PF XL/2,21W


2.2 Scoring

Multiplier has an effect on the starting sequence.

Points on each stage are added for:
- called off start - 0 points
- stage completion +1 point
- +1 point for every defeated rival
- +1 point bonus for second place
- +2 point bonus for winning the stage
The winner of the competition is the team with highest number of points.

2.2.1 Additional scoring

For all vehicles that have more than two axles is a special bonus:
- 3 axle (6x6 drivetrain) trucks - 1,2
- 4 axle (8x8 drivetrain) trucks - 1,4
The bonus is calculated: (weight/power)*multiaxleMultiplier.

2.3 Stage rules

Before deployment to the stage the truck should be set right before the start line. The driver may use the whole stage area. Every stage is assumed as accomplished if the front axle crossed the finish line marked with two banners.

Team may use the winch if it’s vehicle is stuck. It may be used until the vehicle is fully manouverable. If the stage is difficult enough the decision may be made to allow use of winch for all the competitors.

2.4 Time penalties.

  • 2.4.1 - 40 seconds - technical support during the stage pass
  • 2.4.2 - 20 seconds - banner hit while driving through the banners
  • 2.4.3 - 50 seconds - banner run over - (it must not allow to bypass the obstacle, meaning that at least one side of the vehicle is on the obstacle; if you continue without satisfying this condition you will be disqualified (stage pass only)
  • 2.4.4 - 60 seconds - "hand of god", minor relocation of the vehicle
  • 2.4.5 - winch - time when winch is used is counted separately. Overall time when the winch is active is doubled and is added to stage pass time
  • 2.4.6 - 20 seconds - truck flip over. Damage, banners’ hits are taken under consideration. Truck must be deployed before the obstacle that caused the accident.
  • - If the truck flips and rolls through the finish banners it’s then moved back to the starting line and starts the pass again.

Time is halted when: servicing, vehicle deploying, rope attaching, etc.

3. Vehicles

3.1 Technical approval

Is before the start of the first competitor and is performed by the referee, who is also entitled to control the trucks at random. The vehicles must meet the regulations criteria.

3.2 Measurements

Wheel track: is measured on the front axle
Axle base: is the length between the first and the last axle on an even base.

3.3 Allowed types of vehicles and their’s weight

All trucks and specialised vehicles are allowed.
Pickups, jeeps, caterpillar vehicles are not allowed.
The car weight must not be lower than 1000 g.

3.4 Wheels

Wheels / sets
- 24x43 Technic / (3740 + 3739);
- 81,6x34 / 8880;
- 81,6x38 / 8651, 8455;
- 68,8x24 / 5571, 5563;
- 94,8x44 / 8284;
- Power Puller wheels/ 8466, 8457;
- every other wheels that dimensions are similar to these above.
- the wheel must fit to scale

3.5 Drivetrain

- all motors from point 2.1 are allowed
- power supply is allowed if you use: RC module, battery boxes or console
- voltage higher than 9V is forbidden
- steering can be pneumatical or motorised
- winch may be driven by winch motor or drivetrain motor

3.6 General requirements

- appearance of the model must follow the real one or real one as if it was modified for racing
- scale around 1:13 (not more than 1:12 and not less than 1:14)
- all wheel drive
- working suspension is required on all axles
- quantity and axle configuration must fit the original truck.

3.7 Vehicle equipment

- realistic looking cabin with seats, steering wheel and dashboard
- working motor dummy (same location, cylinders number and configuration as in the original vehicle)
- back of the truck must be built in 1:13 scale
- 3 smooth easily accessible surfaces, 4 studs width, 3 studs height (same dimensions as the 4215b brick) located on sides and in front or back of the truck

3.8 Strictly forbidden are:

- modified elements (exceptions: pneumatic hoses, electric cables (between truck and controller), rubber bands, strings)
- non-Lego bricks

4. Season standings

Is made by these rules, separately for each competition
- completing competition +1 point
- every beaten rival +1 point
- bonus for competition’s winner: +1 point

Regulations by Kubrick, Pietruch_15, translation: fistach

GP Mazowsza Rules by smyk are near to similar.

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