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Gear Bearing Systems

Wednesday 18 November 2009, by Nico71

The gear bearing systems are very important in a Trial Truck. Because, if it’s bad, the truck will lose power. The bearing system is composed of gear and brick support. The brick support must be design with special attention.

Focus on this picture :

The bearing system is bad, because the axles aren’t supported on both sides. When there is torque on axle, this torque restrain the stucture and the power is losted.

This Solutions is better but not the best. One of axle is supported on both sides but one is supported on one side (in blue per exemple).

This solutions is good, because the two axle are supported on both sides but the liftarms aren’t connected to the frame. We can improved it.

The best solutions, the two axles are supported on both sides and the technic brick are connected to the frame (with plates per exemple).

This an exemple but, it show how it ’s important to design the gear bearing sytems with attention. The last solution is not the best in studless. Many possibilities exist but remain that It’s important to have supports on both sides of axle.

Now focus on the XL problem. The XL motor have holes to put axles inside. Very practical but it isn’t adapted for Truck Trial because we have a lot of torque on the output of XL motor.

The problem is that the high torque can deform the hole or break it.

You must never use this type of construction.

Ensure you that you have a lifttarm between the XL output and the hole of XL. Like this picture :

The liftarm help to reduce the torque deformation on the XL hole.

I hope this article can be usefull to create good gear bearing systems.

Nico71 ;)